Why choose a Celebrant?

Your wedding ceremony is a unique event and by choosing an Independent Celebrant you can fully personalise your ceremony, unlike a religious or civil ceremony which follows a set formula. With a celebrant you can express your personalities.

  • You can use traditional elements putting your own unique twist on them
  • Your ceremony can include religious and cultural elements if you wish
  • You are not restricted by legal requirements or religious rites
  • You can have your ceremony anywhere, including outdoors
  • You can have your ceremony at any time

As an Independent Celebrant I will help you to create a very special personalised ceremony, unique and meaningful to you. I will spend time with you getting to know you and your ideas and wishes.

Celebrant Handfasting Ceremony

Woodland Handfasting

Personalised Ceremony Options

As an Independent Celebrant I will meet with you to discuss your ideas and I will be able to provide information and make suggestions for you to consider. I will be available to chat to on the phone or by Zoom throughout the planning process. I will lead your ceremony on the day.

We will create your ceremony together so it will just what you would like it to be. Your ceremony can include:

  • Your love story–how did you come together, fall in love, decide to marry.
  • Your vows – write your own or adapt some examples which I can provide
  • Exchange of rings – choose your own wording
  • A symbolic ritual to enhance your ceremony – see my blogs on many different options
  • Readings, poetry, prayers or blessings. – See my blog with some examples
  • Music – recorded or live
  • Involve your pets
Symbolic Sandblending for your wedding

Symbolic Sandblending

This is just a starting point and you may already have your own ideas.

I will be contactable throughout the process of creating your ceremony. I will visit the venue (dependent on distance) to ensure I know the layout and to discuss practicalities with you and the venue coordinator. 

Remember it’s always your choice, as long it is safe, anything goes!

Legal requirements: It isn’t necessary to have the registration of your marriage and your wedding ceremony at the same time or on the same day. Many couples complete the legal formalities at a Registry Office with just a couple of witnesses then have their personalised wedding ceremony at a place and time of their choosing with their family and friends.Find more information here