Weddings and Civil Partnerships

Anne-Marie Celebrant Exchange of Rings during a wedding ceremony

Weddings and Civil Partnerships during the Coronavirus Restrictions

I am so sorry if you have had your special day disrupted by the coronavirus situation. I understand that this will be extremely upsetting for you when you have been planning your perfect day and looking forward to declaring your love in front of all your family and friends.

From 1st August legal wedding ceremonies will be permitted to take place with up to 30 people present and receptions for this number can now also be held. (The 30 permitted includes guests and people involved in your ceremony – celebrant, photographer, etc. This number doesn’t include staff at the venue)

Are you having a registry office or church service with a limited number of guests? Would you still like to have a ceremony to share with your family and friends at a later date?

I can conduct a Wedding Celebration Ceremony with all your family and friends if you are considering having a postponed reception/celebration at a later date. You can include a renewal of your vows, exchange of rings, poems, readings, music and symbolic acts. This will allow your guests to share the heart of your wedding rather than it just being a party with no particular focus.

If you can’t reorganise your venue and registrars for the same date, you can still have your special day at your venue.

While everyone involved is trying their best to accommodate an alternative date this may be proving difficult. You may find that you can’t reorganise your venue and registrars for the same date or one that also suits your family, friends or other suppliers.

As an Independent Celebrant I can conduct a bespoke ceremony for you to share with your family and friends. Your personalised ceremony can include exchange of rings, personalised vows, poems, readings, music and symbolic acts.

You can do the legal formalities at a registry office with two witnesses on another date. (This will cost in the region  of £50-£60 depending on which registry office you use.) You can arrange your ceremony at your venue even if you haven’t been able to finalise the date of your legal formalities.

If the legal formalities take place before the date your venue is available I will create and conduct a personalised Wedding Celebration Ceremony. If the legal formalities take place after the date your venue is available I can create and conduct a bespoke Commitment Ceremony.

Your ceremony can take place at your original venue – at your reception venue immediately before your reception – at a new venue if your preferred date isn’t available at your original venue. A venue doesn’t have to be licenced/approved because the legal formalities will take place at a registry office on another date.

Perhaps you have decided to change your plans completely give me a call to discuss a variety of options.

There will be a discount of 10% on my fees in any of these circumstances.

Handfasting Wedding ceremony conducted by Celebrant Anne-Marie

Make all your dreams come true!

At this very special moment in your life I will listen to all your dreams and wishes for your ceremony and help you to make them come true. Your wedding or civil partnership ceremony is a unique event, with a celebrant led ceremony you don’t have to be limited by legal requirements or religious rites.

To watch a video of me talking about the service I offer go to:

By choosing me as your Independent Celebrant
you can fully personalise your ceremony

Let your personalities shine through ** Personalise your own vows ** Put your own twist on traditional elements ** Use symbolic acts from different traditions and cultures or create your own ** Involve your family and friends as much or as little as you wish

I’ll meet with you to find out exactly what you would like to include in your ceremony. Then I’ll create a ceremony about you, for you and your guests, reflecting your personal views, values and beliefs.

** Hold it anywhere and at any time ** Formal or Informal ** Traditional, Culturally Significant or Alternative ** Secular, Semi-religious or Spiritual ** A themed Ceremony **

It’s always your choice

Choose a full bespoke ceremony or a shorter unique symbolic ceremony to follow your church or registrar led service.

Following your church wedding or a registrar led service with your guests you can have an additional fully personalised celebrant led ceremony. This ceremony can take place at your wedding venue, an outdoor location or at your reception venue.

I will conduct a ceremony of your choice: a short but unique symbolic ceremony; a ceremony which can include one or more of the following – your ‘love story’, fully personalised vows, readings, poetry and music as well as your chosen symbolic element; or a full bespoke ceremony.

Bobbie and Jack's Unique wedding

Create a distinctive and meaningful ceremony

Readings and Poetry

Beth and Tom's love story told by their independent celebrant at their unique ceremony

‘From This Day Forward’
From this day forward,
You shall not walk alone.
My heart will be your shelter,
And my arms will be your home.


You can choose to have a variety of readings or poetry in your wedding ceremony. You can include both secular and religious readings, prayers and poems.


Include Music to enhance your ceremony

Music is a perfect way to enhance your ceremony we can discuss the music you wish to include and where it will fit in your ceremony.

Music can be recorded or played live. If the latter you may wish to have something that is sung by all your guests or something that is sung or played by a member of your family, a friend or a professional musician. You can include religious music and hymns if you wish.

Symbolic Acts

Claudia and Pete Crowned with their Greek Crowns as part of their wedding ceremony

Across the world there are variety of traditional acts and rituals which are used symbolically during wedding ceremonies. You can use symbolic acts that you are aware of, perhaps from your own cultural heritage, something you have seen or heard about or completely your own idea.

I can provide information about a variety of symbolic elements that can enrich your ceremony including: Greek Crowns (above), The Quaich or Loving Cup, The Oathing Stone, Handfasting.

You can personalise any of these or the many other options available to create a truly unique and meaningful ceremony. You can decide who you wish to be involved in a symbolic act: just the two of you, members of the wedding party, your parents, other family members, special friends or all your guests. If you have children you can involve them in a special element of the ceremony devised to suit your particular circumstances and appropriate to their age. They can be involved in devising it if you wish.

Vows and guest's wishes 'written in stone' at Tom and Beth's celebrant led Oathing stone wedding ceremony
Vows and guests’ wishes ‘written in stone’

Have Your Ceremony Anywhere!

Hold your ceremony in Castle Grounds


A marquee in any location, A Woodland or Meadow, Your own garden, A country house garden, On the Beach, At a festival, The place you proposed, A location with special meaning.

Anne-Marie can conduct your ceremony in your own home. Decor by Limelight Wedding Emporium


Hotel or Restaurant, Castle or Country House, Village Hall or Community Centre, A Sports venue, Your own home, A place with special meaning.

(Photo – Home wedding including beautiful tree decor from Limelight Wedding Emporium )

Commitment CeremonyA Declaration of Love

A Commitment Ceremony is a special ceremony for a couple who wish to make a public declaration of their life-long commitment and love for each other.

Couples often choose a commitment ceremony for legal or financial reasons, including older couples who may have complicated pension arrangements. A Commitment Ceremony doesn’t have any legal implications, rights or responsibilities. Whatever your reason for choosing a commitment ceremony I can create a truly personalised ceremony for you.

Unity Candle Ceremony for Weddings and Civil Partnerships

A Ceremony created especially for you so it will be unique and meaningful

** Your ceremony can be held anywhere, indoors or outdoors ** It can take place at any time, morning, noon or night ** A small intimate ceremony or invite all your family and friends **The choice is always yours.

It can be as formal or informal as you wish, you can include promises or vows, an exchange of rings, readings, poetry, prayers, blessings and music including hymns, whatever you wish. I can also provide information about a variety of symbolic elements that can enrich your ceremony including the use of rings, candles, roses, sand and trees or you can develop your own.

Joint naming and wedding or civil partnership and commitment ceremonies

If you wish you can combine a Wedding or Civil Partnership Ceremony with a Naming Ceremony. Please contact me for further details.

The service I provide and my fees

  • Contact me for a chat about your ceremony including when and where it will take place. We’ll then meet in person or by Skype/Facetime so that you can tell me all your ideas and wishes. DURING THE CURRENT COVID-19 RESTRICTIONS INITIAL MEETINGS WILL BE BY: Facetime, Skype, Zoom, WhatsApp video or another accessible app
    • If you decide you’d like me to create and deliver your personalised ceremony we will sign an agreement and then:
    • You’ll provide some practical details about the ceremony, who will be taking part and their roles.
    • I can provide information about the wide variety of options to enhance your ceremony, including readings, poetry, music and symbolic acts.
    • Then we’ll meet again so that I can get more details to enable me to design your Ceremony.
    • I will be available by telephone and email to discuss the ceremony.
    • I’ll create your personalised ceremony based on your wishes.
    • The ceremony content can be checked in advance.
    • Whenever possible I’ll attend the venue for a rehearsal with you and the key participants to make sure everyone knows where to stand and move to.
    • I’ll lead your personalised ceremony on the day.
    • You’ll receive a commemorative copy after the ceremony.


There will be a discount of 10% on my fees if you have had to rearrange your wedding because of the COVID-19 outbreak

Wedding, Civil Partnership and Commitment Ceremonies £450

Shorter Bespoke Symbolic Ceremony £250 – £300 dependent on content

(Additional mileage charges apply for ceremonies more than 30 miles radius from Wetherby, West Yorkshire – If overnight accommodation is required close to the ceremony venue this will charged at cost following discussion with you)

Contact me for a chat about your ceremony

07484 235561

Legal Marriage and Civil Partnership Requirements If you choose a celebrant led ceremony you will need to legally register your marriage or civil partnership. It isn’t necessary to do this at the same time as the unique ceremony you share with your family and friends. Many couples complete the legal formalities at a Register Office with just a couple of witnesses or very close family present then have their personalised ceremony with their family and friends at a place and time of their choosing. If you choose a short registrar led ceremony at an approved venue a full or symbolic celebrant led ceremony can take place after this either at the venue or outdoors. If you have a Church wedding with a person authorised to register a legal marriage present a symbolic celebrant led ceremony can take place after this at venue of your choice or outdoors. From 2nd December 2019 opposite sex couples can now apply for a Civil Partnership and they will have all the legal and financial rights of married couple. For more information on the legal formalities in the UK please go to:


The service Anne-Marie provided from start to finish was personal, thorough and exceptionally professional. She left no stone unturned throughout the process and oversaw and explained every step to make sure we had the most perfect ceremony. Prior to our wedding, Anne-Marie spoke with both myself and my partner individually and together to construct a ceremony that truly encapsulated our journey. Nothing was ever too much to ask and she always made time for our queries. We had regular contact with Anne-Marie and even had meetings at our venue to ensure every detail was checked. Our day went better than we could have ever imagined, due to the exceptional work ethic and keen eye for detail that Anne-Marie has. We are so thankful to have chosen to have a Celebrant ceremony as it enabled us to bring our story to life for our friends and family and this was made possible thanks to Anne-Marie.” Beth and Tom

Beth and Tom's Oathing Stone Wedding Ceremony
Photos by Sarah at

“Anne-Marie was lovely to work with when we were planning our ceremony discussing all the details that made the ceremony go without a hitch. Anne-Marie literally tied the knot for us during the beautiful handfasting ceremony that she performed, it was absolutely perfect and a moment we will never forget” Stella and Pete

Anne Marie is a lovely lady; an articulate and well-organised celebrant who gives 100% to her ceremonies. She writes very well and speaks with great warmth and sincerity. Her writing is individually tailored to each couple, giving an unforgettable ceremony.     Judy M

Anne Marie Ledson can be trusted 100% to provide an empathic, experienced and professional service whatever the occasion.      Anna S