Renewal of Vows

A Unique and Personal ceremony

A renewal of vows ceremony is an ideal way to renew your commitment to each other, first made at your wedding or civil partnership ceremony and to declare your love again in the presence of your family and friends.

It is the perfect way to remember and celebrate why you fell in love with each other, the vows you made and to recall the life you have shared since that day. It is an opportunity to revisit all the life milestones you have shared in your life together as well as celebrating the things you share day to day.  

Many people choose to renew their vows on significant anniversaries or following a particularly difficult period in their lives however it is a purely personal choice and can be done at any time.

Create a tailored ceremony reflecting your personalities

You can enhance your Renewal of Vows ceremony by incorporating a symbolic component. This can be something from your own cultural background or traditions, something you have seen elsewhere or completely your own idea.  I can also provide information about a variety of symbolic elements that can enrich your ceremony including the use of rings, candles, roses, sand and trees.

You can involve your family and friends in the ceremony, reading poetry, playing music or singing or taking part in a symbolic component of the ceremony.

A Garden Location perfect for a Renewal of Vows Ceremony

You decide, its always your choice

  • Hold your ceremony anywhere and any time
  • Be as formal or informal as you choose
  • Include religious, spiritual, or secular elements or a mixture
  • Choose an intimate ceremony for your family and close friends or celebrate with your wider family and friends

Whatever you choose I will create a renewal of vows ceremony that will be exclusive and meaningful to you, it will be tailored to reflect your personalities, your family circumstances and your values and beliefs.

The service I provide and my fees

  • Contact me for a chat about your ceremony including when and where it will take place. We’ll then meet in person or by Skype/Facetime so that you can tell me all your ideas and wishes.
  • If you decide you’d like me to create and deliver your personalised ceremony we will sign an agreement and then:
    • You’ll provide some practical details about the ceremony, who will be taking part and their roles.
    • I can provide information about the wide variety of options to enhance your ceremony, including readings, poetry, music and symbolic acts. (The final price will be based on your choices within the range below.)
  • Then we’ll meet again so that I can get more details to enable me to design your Ceremony.
    • I’ll be available by telephone and email to discuss the ceremony.
    • I’ll create your personalised ceremony based on your wishes.
    • The ceremony content can be checked in advance.
    • I’ll lead your personalised ceremony on the day.
    • You’ll receive a commemorative copy after the ceremony.

Fees   Renewal of Vows Ceremony     £250 – £350

(Additional mileage charges apply for ceremonies more than 30 miles radius from Wetherby, West Yorkshire – If overnight accommodation is required close to the ceremony venue this will charged at cost following discussion with you)

Contact me for a chat about your ceremony Telephone: O7484 235561   Email: