Family Ceremonies

  • Naming
  • Adoption Welcome
  • Family Commitment or Blending Ceremony
  • A Milestone or Life Transition Ceremony
A celebrant led ceremony for all your family occasions

I will help you to create a unique and memorable ceremony for your family


10% Discount when contracts signed and deposit paid before 31st March 2020 on all Weddings and Civil Partnerships; Renewal of Vows and Family Ceremonies taking place in 2020.

A personalised Naming Ceremony for the newest member of your family

Naming Ceremony

‘Of all the things I’ll be wishing for, wherever you are and whatever I may do, there will never be a day in my life , when I won’t be wishing for the best… for you.’

(Extract from ‘I want you to be Happy’ by Collin McCarty)

It is traditional across the world to welcome a new child into the family and community. Various religions and cultures have different ways of doing this however many people are now choosing to create their own ceremony to welcome a new member of their family.

A naming ceremony gives you the opportunity to make promises to your child or children and to ask other adults who you would like to be involved in their life to make promises to them too. You can include music, readings and poetry of your choice to make the ceremony meaningful focusing on the beliefs and values you would like to share with your child.

Not just for babies!

Although most naming ceremonies take place when a child is very young often between 3 and 18 months a naming ceremony can be for a child of any age. You can combine the ceremony with a birthday celebration or parent’s wedding.

A bespoke ceremony to welcome a child into your family

Adoption Welcome Ceremony

“When children come into our lives our world is new once more” Anon

Welcoming an adopted child into your family is a very special event and deserves to be marked with a tailor- made ceremony especially for them. It is a chance to make a commitment to them through your personalised promises.

You may wish to ask people who will play an important role in your child’s life to make their own promises to support you and this special child as they grow. Your wider family and friends can welcome them into your community. There can be music, readings, poetry and symbolic acts that will make the ceremony unique and meaningful focusing on the beliefs and values you would like to share with your child.

For older children it is an opportunity to show this precious person how special they are and for your family and community to show how welcome they are. They can be involved in planning the ceremony alongside you, a truly family affair.

Family Commitment or Blending Ceremony

Sand Ceremony for a Naming Ceremony

A Sand Blending Ceremony symbolising that a family, once mixed, can’t be separated

Twenty first century families take many forms and if you would like to arrange a ceremony to celebrate the coming together of families for whatever reason then I can help you to create a tailored-made ceremony, as unique as your family. I can help you to create a very special ceremony through music, readings, poetry and symbolic acts such as Unity Candles or Sand blending.

A Milestone or Life Transition Ceremony

Celebrate your special event more formally with a ceremony

‘All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players. They have their exits and entrances, and one man in his time plays many parts.’

William Shakespeare

If you’d like to celebrate a special milestone or life transition in a more formal way than just having a party I will be delighted to create a unique ceremony especially for you.

Whatever your event you can choose a personalised ceremony that expresses the essence of your event and the thoughts and feelings associated with it.  You can use music, readings and poetry read by you, your family and friends, or your celebrant, whatever you wish.

Family Ceremonies can take place anywhere and at any time to suit you and your guests

The service I provide and my fees for family ceremonies

  • Contact me to arrange a meeting to discuss your ideas and wishes
  • Using the information you provide I’ll create a very personalised ceremony for you
  • You’ll be able to check the ceremony content in advance
  • Following our meeting I’ll be available by telephone and email
  • I’ll lead the ceremony on the day
  • You’ll receive a special certificate commemorating your ceremony
  • I’ll send you a commemorative copy after the ceremony for you to keep

Fees for Naming / Adoption/family commitment/Family Blending      £250

Fees for Other Family Ceremonies dependant on ceremony type From £250 – £300

(Additional mileage charges apply for ceremonies more than 30 miles radius from Wetherby, West Yorkshire – If overnight accommodation is required close to the ceremony venue this will charged at cost following discussion with you)

Contact me for a chat about your ceremony

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