How much does a wedding celebrant cost?

Celebrant led wedding in a country house hotel

There is no fixed cost for a Wedding Celebrant. Celebrants are self-employed and set their own fees. However, the fee for a celebrant to work with you creating your ceremony and then leading it on the day generally ranges from £500 – £800.

Costs are usually the same regardless of when or where a ceremony takes place. A Ceremony can take place at any time, on any day and in any venue which doesn’t have to be licenced. It can even be in your own garden, on a beach or a location that has special meaning for you.

Most Celebrants require an initial payment to secure your date and to pay for their time as they begin to work on your ceremony. This is usually followed by one or more further payments to reflect the work being carried out at each stage of the process. The balance payment is usually required before the final ceremony script is shared with you which will be several weeks before your wedding leaving time for any amendments.

Some celebrants also offer a shorter ceremony often consisting of a symbolic ritual to follow a full Registry Office or church service – prices will vary depending on the content.

Celebrants may charge additional travel expenses, usually at 45p per mile if the ceremony takes place more than a certain number of miles away from where they are based. They will explain this when you contact them and may have details on their website.

If your celebrant needs to stay overnight before your ceremony there will usually be an additional charge to cover the cost of accommodation and will be discussed fully with you.

Yorkshire wedding Celebrant anne-Marie Ledson

What is included in the price?

A Celebrant will create a personalised ceremony for each couple they work with, no two are the same.  They don’t use a set formula or wording, every ceremony is written based on your ideas and wishes.

Celebrants work in slightly different ways but these are the sort of things they will do:


  • Your celebrant will talk to you about what you’d like your ceremony to be like. Whether you’d like a traditional, spiritual, culturally significant or alternative style. Whether you’d like a themed wedding or a symbolic ritual or to include religious elements.
  • You will be able to choose every element of your ceremony such as the wording for your vows, and exchanging rings, readings, poetry, prayers or a blessing, music or symbolic rituals.
  • Your celebrant will be able provide guidance and suggestions to help you decide what you’d like your ceremony to be like, but it will always be your choice.
  • There is no time limit on the length of your ceremony, it will depend on what you wish to include. Your celebrant will discuss this with you.

Personalising your ceremony

  • Your celebrant will spend time getting to know you before your wedding so that you’re comfortable to talk to them about yourselves and your relationship. This means your celebrant will be able to reflect your personalities and incorporate special anecdotes into a ceremony which will be created just for you.
  • Once your celebrant gets to know you and has collected the information you’re happy to share they will write a bespoke ceremony that isn’t a standard formula but one which focuses on you.
  • Your celebrant will talk with you about the wording of your ceremony including personalised vows to make sure your ceremony is unique and meaningful to you.
Include your pets in your wedding ceremony

Making sure all goes well

  • Whenever possible your celebrant will attend the venue with you to work out where everyone will be on the day and to liaise with venue manager about any practical elements of the ceremony.
  • Your celebrant will talk to any of your family and friends who has a specific role in your ceremony reading a poem or prayer or taking part in a symbolic ritual to make sure everything goes smoothly.
  • Throughout the planning process your celebrant will be available to talk to and answer your questions, by email and phone.

On the day

Outdoor wedding with an Indpenednet celebrant in Yorkshire
  • You will know your celebrant well by the time your special day arrives and they will know exactly the right tone for your ceremony. It’s great to have a familiar face guiding you through your ceremony.
  • On the day your celebrant will liaise with other professionals such as the venue manager or wedding co-ordinator, your photographer and videographer in relation to your ceremony to make sure everything is as you wish it to be.
  • Your celebrant will lead your personalised ceremony on the day. Most celebrants only conduct one ceremony a day.
  • Some celebrants provide you with a commemorative copy of your ceremony after the ceremony.
A celebrant will write your wedding ceremony with you

My Fees

Wedding or Civil Partnership £500

Additional Costs

You will need to arrange to have a Registration Only service to legally register your marriage in the presence of 2 witnesses. This is a formality and will Cost £57 including a Marriage Certificate (Cost at 1st April 2021).

If you choose a symbolic ritual to enhance your ceremony the items needed for the ritual can be purchased directly by you. Some celebrants will provide the items at cost and some wil loan equirment if appropriate.

If you’re looking for a truly personalised ceremony that doesn’t follow a set formula and can take place wherever and whenever you wish then choose a celebrant led ceremony.

Get in touch or Check out my weddings page for more information

Anne-Marie Ledson May 2021

Why choose a Wedding Celebrant?

Your wedding ceremony is a unique event and by choosing an Independent Celebrant you can fully personalise your ceremony, unlike a religious or civil ceremony which follows a set formula. With a celebrant you can express your personalities, your beliefs and your values.

  • You can use traditional elements putting your own unique twist on them
  • You can include religious and cultural elements if you wish
  • You aren’t restricted by legal requirements or religious rites
  • You can have your ceremony anywhere and at anytime

Let me tell your love story during your wedding ceremony

Telling your Love story at your wedding
Inspire by Kelly Photogrphy

I will spend time with you, getting to know you and your ideas and wishes. Then we’ll create a very special personalised ceremony, unique and meaningful to you.

Woodland Handfasting Wedding Ceremony

Celebrant Handfasting Wedding Ceremony
Jenny Appleton Photography

Personalised Wedding Ceremony Options

We’ll discuss all your ideas and I’ll be able to provide information and make suggestions for you to consider. I’ll be available to answer your questions and guide you through the planning process on the phone or Zoom or Facetime . I’ll lead your ceremony on the day and make sure everything goes to plan.

We’ll create your ceremony together so it will be just what you’d like it to be. Your ceremony might include:

  • Your love story–how did you come together, fall in love, decide to marry.
  • Your vows – write your own or adapt some examples which I can provide
  • Exchange of rings – choose your own wording
  • A symbolic ritual to enhance your ceremony – see my blogs on some different options
  • Readings, poetry, prayers or blessings. – See my blog with some examples
  • Music – recorded or live
  • Involve your pets

Symbolic Sandblending during your Wedding Ceremony

Sand Belending Wedding Ceremony
Nikki Bowling Photography

This is just a starting point and you may already have your own ideas.

I will be contactable throughout the process of creating your ceremony. I will visit the venue with you (dependent on distance) to ensure I know the layout and to discuss practicalities and the venue coordinator. 

Remember it’s always your choice, as long it is safe, anything goes!

Legal requirements: It isn’t necessary to have the registration of your marriage and your wedding ceremony at the same time or on the same day. Many couples complete the legal formalities at a Registry Office with just a couple of witnesses then have their personalised wedding ceremony at a place and time of their choosing with their family and friends.Find more information here 

What is a Wedding celebrant?

Wedding Celebrant Anne-Marie
Anne-Marie Ledson
Wedding Celebrant

What is an Independent Wedding celebrant?

A Wedding Celebrant is someone who can create a bespoke ceremony designed with you. There are no restrictions on what you can include in your ceremony, which you can hold anywhere and at any time.

A wedding celebrant will get to know you so that they can create a truly personalised wedding ceremony with you. Your celebrant will listen to your ideas for your special day and help you to make them a reality. They will be able to provide inspiration and make suggestions about every element of your ceremony such as your vows, exchange of rings, any symbolic rituals you may like to include and how you can involve your family and friends in your ceremony if you wish to.

How does it work?

A wedding celebrant will spend time with you face to face and through virtual meetings and they will be available on the phone and via email as you plan your wedding. You’ll develop a relationship with your celebrant so that you’re comfortable to talk to them about yourselves and your relationship – how you met, how you fell in love, when and where you got engaged, things you love to do together and things you love about each other. This means your celebrant will be able to reflect your personalities and incorporate special anecdotes into a ceremony which will be created just for you.

The Bride and Groom listening to their love story told during their wedding ceremony by their celebrant Anne-Marie Ledson
The Bride and Groom listening to their love story told during their wedding ceremony by their celebrant Anne-Marie Ledson

A wedding celebrant doesn’t have to follow a set formula when writing a ceremony. You can choose whatever wording, readings and poems, music, or symbolic rituals you wish – these can be religious, spiritual or secular.

This is particularly useful if you come from different faith backgrounds and would like to use elements from both in your ceremony. Your celebrant will help you to create a ceremony that is meaningful to you, reflecting your personal views, values and beliefs.

The bride and Groom about to stamp on their Sapaatia bowls during their wedding ceremony
Sapaatia wedding ceremony an ancient Muslim tradition from East Africa.
(Nicola Dixon Photography)

Some Wedding Celebrants have a particular style or specialise in specific types of ceremonies such as Pagan or Spiritual ceremonies. All will adapt to suit the style you are looking for including formal or informal, traditional, spiritual, culturally significant or themed ceremonies. All celebrants will base the ceremonies they create on your wishes.

Things to think about when choosing a wedding celebrant

A wedding celebrant is usually self-employed. Is your chosen celebrant professionally trained, do they have a national qualification? Do they have Public Liability and Professional Indemnity Insurance?

Does your chosen celebrant belong to a professional organisation? Celebrants who belong to a professional organisation such as The Association of Independent Celebrants, or The Fellowship of Professional Celebrants will follow a code of conduct. Some organisations provide ongoing training for their members. You can search for a celebrant in your area on these professional organisation’s websites and on Google.

Your celebrant should have a privacy policy and follow all GDPR procedures in relation to your personal information.

A professional Wedding celebrant is a good listener who will get to know you and then write and lead a personalised ceremony based on your wishes.

If you’d like to create a ceremony that will be a unique and memorable occasion for you and your guests, that doesn’t follow a set formula then you should choose a wedding celebrant.

A wedding celebrant can’t register your marriage, you will need to do the legal elements with a Registrar. This shouldn’t take more than 10 minutes at the registry office in the presence of 2 witnesses and will cost £57 (price at April 2021). Your celebrant will explain this.

Anne-Marie Ledson April 2021

Recently engaged? Choose a unique wedding ceremony!

Celebrant Anne-Marie conducting a ceremony

Congratulations! Your status has changed – you’re now recently engaged why not choose a unique wedding ceremony to be the heart ofyour wonderful wedding day to come? Whether you had a festive Christmas Day proposal,  a dreamy winter woodland proposal, a romantic windswept beach proposal or a cosy cuddled up on the sofa proposal, your weddding ceremony can be just as personal.

Would you like your ceremony to be as personal as your proposal?

The heart of your special day will be your ceremony – when you declare your love for each other in the presence of your family and friends.

Choose something unique and memorable for you and your guests, a ceremony not limited by religious rites or legal restrictions. Choose a celebrant to create and conduct your wedding ceremony?

Would you like a bespoke wedding ceremony created just for you?

Maybe you didn’t even know this was an option. Instead of a conventional service you can choose every element of a fully personalised ceremony which can be: formal or informal;  traditional, culturally significant or alternative; secular, semi-religious or spiritual or you may opt for a themed ceremony. Your ceremony can be whatever you wish it to be.

Fire up your imagination and let your personalities shine through!

You can choose your own vows and the words you use to exchange rings; you can share the magic of your own love story with your guests – what led you to this momentous day; you can choose your favourite poems and music; you can incorporate religious readings or music within a secular ceremony; or include cultural or spiritual rituals, readings or poems; you may decide on a symbolic ritual perhaps a traditional Handfasting, Oathing Stone or Loving Cup ritual.

A unique wedding ceremony incorporating an Oathing Stone vow ceremony conducted by Independent celebrant Anne-Marie Ledson
Set your wedding vows in stone in this ancient Oathing Stone Ceremony as part of your celebrant led wedding ceremony

With an Independent Celebrant your wedding ceremony will be unique!

An independent celebrant will meet you and get to know you so that they can create your unique ceremony with you. You can talk about your ideas and your celebrant will be able to make suggestions and provide inspiration.

Do you come from different faiths, beliefs or cultures? With a celebrant led wedding ceremony you can include religious, spiritual or cultural elements in your ceremonyto reflect your heritage. You can even have an additional short secular, religious or symbolic ceremony before your reception following a religious or registry office service.

A handfasting ceremony is a way to incorporate a unique wedding ceremony following a church service at a festival themed wedding
A Handfasting Wedding Ceremony
which followed a church service
at a festival themed wedding

You can hold your unique wedding ceremony anywhere!

You may be dreaming of a wonderful woodland, a balmy beach or charming countryside wedding. You may decide on a favourite place – indoors or out – to make your vows. You can set up a marquee in your own garden or go for a festival themed wedding. You won’t be restricted to licenced venues.

Hold your unique wedding ceremony on a beach - perhaps the same one you proposed on!
Hold your wedding Ceremony on a beach – perhaps the same one you proposed on!

If you’re recently engaged and you’d like to choose a unique wedding ceremony my name is Anne-Marie get in touch for more information on 07484 235561 email: or go to the wedding page on my website.